FAUX COLUMN WRAPS - Installation Guide

Helpful Reminder

Giving your panels time to acclimate ensures a smooth and successful installation. Store them flat in a designated area that's dry and free from direct sunlight or other heat sources for at least 24 hours. This step will help your panels adjust to the ambient temperature and humidity and minimize the risk of any issues during installation.



     - Before using any tools or equipment, make sure to read and understand all safety guidelines provided by the manufacturers.

     - Wear safety glasses throughout the installation to avoid any potential harm to your eyes.
     - Please ensure you comply with all the applicable building codes at the local, state, and federal levels.
     - Always comply with clearances set forth by the manufacturer of stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, and any other heat source.


General Tools and Materials

- Caulk Gun
- Textured Caulk
- Construction Adhesive
- Tape Measure

- Level

- Safety Glasses

- Shims (If Needed)

- Screw Gun/ Drill Driver & Driver Bits

- Wood Cutting Saw with Finish Blade

- Column Cap (Optional)
- Faux Column Wraps
- 2 x 4 Lumber
- 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Structural Post

- Deck Screws

- Touch-Up Kit
- Clean Cloth
- Painters Tape
- Paint Brush
- Exterior Grade Flashing.

Before You Start

- Gather all tools and materials.
- Column caps come in two styles: Split and Solid. Split caps are tailored to fit square posts, while solid caps can be used for stand-alone columns or customized to fit specific

   posts. (Optional)


               One (1) tube of construction adhesive is typically needed for every three (3) panels.
               One (1) tube of textured caulk is typically needed for every four (4) panels.


Step 1 - Frame Out the Post

- Construct a subframe that is the same height as the interior measurements of your column, minus 1/4 inch.
- Use flashing to cover the subframe.


Step 2 - Dry Fit the Panels

- Ensure panels fit the sub-frame and interlock appropriately. Make any necessary adjustments.


Step 3 - Prepare

- Using a clean cloth, gently wipe away any debris from the back of the column wraps and the face of the sub-frame.
- Apply vertical lines of construction adhesive on the back, with a spacing of no more than 3 inches between them. Add some extra adhesive to the interlocking tabs will

  further enhance the stability of the wrap.


Step 4 - Mount Column Wrap

- To apply column wrap to the subframe, use a slight twisting motion. This will help to ensure that the adhesive makes good contact with the subframe.
- Repeat for the additional sections of the faux column wraps.
- To firmly secure the column to the sub-frame, attach one screw per square foot, starting along the perimeter and then moving towards the center - place the screws

   in the grout lines under the protruding rocks to reduce their visibility.


                     Pro Tip: Use caution when tightening screws. Avoid over-tightening, and make sure they are slightly recessed.


Step 5 - Mount Column Cap

- Apply adhesive to the top of the faux column wraps, subframe, and cap.
- Press the cap firmly onto the column, making sure to press the sides if necessary. Use screws to firmly lock the cap in place.
- Wipe away any excess adhesive with a clean cloth.


Finishing Touches

- Apply caulk to voids, gaps, and holes from screws. Remove excess caulk before drying for a seamless finish.

Touch-Up Kit

           - Apply a thin layer of base coat and allow it to dry completely for approximately 30 minutes.
          - Apply the appropriate paint colors, then gently blend with a soft cloth. Allow it to dry completely for about 30 minutes.
          - If your touch-up kit contains a wash, apply it with a paintbrush and blend by dabbing with a soft cloth.

Should you need assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Someone is available to answer your questions Monday - Friday, Between 8 am - 4 pm.
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