FAUX PANELS - Installing Around Corners

Helpful Reminder

Remember to use the appropriate panel installation guide and read it carefully, including all safety information, before staring your project. With the proper preparation and attention to detail, your project can be success!


Mitering an Outside Corner

1. Set the saw to a 45-degree angle. With the textured face of the panel facing up and the lip away from you, make a 45-degree cut.

2. Set Side B aside. Flip Side A over so that the textured front of the panel faces down and the edge from the previous cut is towards the saw blade.

Adjust the saw to 90 degrees and make a second 45-degree cut as close to the end of the panel as possible. Discard the material that was cut away.

3. Using the appropriate panel installation instructions, mount the first section of the cut panel.

4. Mount the second section by adding adhesive to the back of the panel and a small bead to the edge where the panels will meet.

5. Push the cut sides of the panels together and secure with screws.


Mitering an Inside Corner

1. Adjust the saw to a 45-degree angle with the textured side facing up and the lip away from you. Cut at a 45-degree angle and set Side A to the side.

2. Flip Side B of the panel, with the textured front facing downwards and the previous cut edge towards the saw blade. Cut the end of the panel as close as possible at a 45-degree angle, then discard the removed section.


3. To install the panel correctly, refer to the appropriate panel installation instructions. Start by mounting the first section of the cut panel as per the instructions.

4. Mount the second section of the cut panel and conceal the corner seam with paint from the touch-up kit.


Interlocking Outside Corner

1. Orient the outside corner so that the flat lip is up.

2. Dry fit the panels leading into the interlocking tabs of the outside corner.

3. Trim the first panel to align the last panel's slots with the interlocking tabs of the outer corner.

4. Install the panels into the outside corner using adhesive and screws, as described in the panel installation guide.

5. Install the outside corner using construction adhesive and screws according to the relevant panel installation guide.

6. Use construction adhesive and screws to install the row of panels leading away from the corner, as described in the installation guide.

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